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Electric Bikes And Fitness

Electric Bikes And Fitness

Electric bikes give their riders lots of benefits. They allow you to ride further and faster while being an excellent way of commuting. Electric bikes also make cycling more accessible to people that would typically find it challenging. But, can you get fit on an electric bike?

Many people are sceptical about whether they can use electric bikes to improve their fitness. Electric bikes are often seen as ways to make riding uphill easier or for a sweat-free commute. But, electric bikes are an excellent way of getting fit.

Even though electric bikes have a motor to help you along, you can still push hard when riding one. Therefore, although an electric bike makes riding easier if you want to take it easy, you can also put in a lot of effort to get your heart rate up. It's just that the motor allows you to go faster for that effort you put in.

Science Agrees

A study carried out by Brigham Young University in Utah compared experienced mountain bikers riding both electric and regular mountain bikes on a set route.
Electric Mountain bike or e-MTB downhill racing

When the subjects were riding electric mountain bikes, they hit 94% of the average heart rate reached on their regular bikes. So, even with the motor, electric mountain bikes are an excellent way of getting a cardiovascular workout.

You Can Still Get Fit While Commuting On An E-Bike

Another study from Brigham Young University looked at the health benefits of commuting on an electric bike. They discovered that people who ride their bikes to and from work get a moderate workout. Using an electric bike still gives you most of the health benefits associated with commuting via pedal power.

Electric bike or e-bike commuting
But, commuting with an electric bike is also great for your mental health. As you get fitter, your self-esteem improves, but the extra time you spend in the outdoors makes you happier. This mood boost comes from sunlight, which fights the crushing mood atmosphere of sitting under artificial light all day.

Riding an electric bike to work in the morning is an excellent start to your day. You haven't had to deal with traffic and public transport stress, so you can start your working day with energy.

The ride home at the end of the day is also a great way to unwind. This quality time will destress you, but you can also intensify your ride. As you are going home, you probably won't be too worried about working up a sweat. Therefore, you can push harder on the pedals for a more intense workout. You can even drop the motor assistance level to increase your heart rate further.

Electric Bikes Improve Your Fitness During Leisure Time

You don't have to lock your electric bike away at weekends once your working week is done. Electric bikes are ideal for improving your fitness during recreation time. 

Electric bikes can help you go out on longer rides before you start to tire. Even though the intensity of your ride may be lower, there is a significant relationship between how long you ride for duration and fitness improvement. Many aerobic benefits come from riding for longer, not just making your ride more intense.

Final Thoughts

Next time somebody says that riding an electric bike is cheating, you will know this isn't necessarily the truth. Yes, you can make your ride easier when you need to, but an electric bike can still give you an intense exercise session.