The Future Is Electric, Have You Got Yours Yet?

The Future Is Electric, Have You Got Yours Yet?

The Surge Of Electric Travel


The Future is Electric, have you got yours yet?

All over the world, governments are setting targets to reduce CO2 emissions. They have recognised that they will be able to hit these targets and create a more sustainable future if more people start using electric vehicles.
Therefore, cities and governments have started making travelling with electric vehicles much more attractive and easier than using cars with internal combustion engines. Initiatives, such as London’s congestion charge, push people to find alternative ways of commuting.

The Increase In Popularity Of Electric Travel

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In recent years electric travel has become very popular. Commuters have seen the benefits of using electric vehicles while doing their bit for the planet.
In previous years electric bikes were a tiny niche in the bicycle market, but not any more. According to Forbes, during the period between 2020 and 2023, there will be 130 million electric bikes sold, with their popularity increasing further towards the end.
However, these predictions were made before COVID 19 took hold of the world. The pandemic has caused the demand for electric bikes to increase much quicker than previously predicted.
With the range of electric bikes available, they have proved to be highly versatile. Depending on which one you buy, they are perfect for fitness, commuting, shopping trips and recreation. As a result, people use them for all sorts of things they would have previously used a car for.
Electric bikes are suitable for people from all walks of life, which is why they have become popular.

Electric Bikes And The Environment

It is no secret that global warming is a severe problem that affects us all. However, with a combined effort to reduce CO2 emissions, we can make significant improvements in our environmental impact. Changing the way we travel is one of the best ways to make a difference. Using electric bikes to commute is an excellent option. Here are the ways electric bikes are better for the environment than driving.
They Produce Zero Emissions
Traditional vehicles that use internal combustion engines are constantly bellowing out poisonous gases into the air. As a result, poor air quality is causing respiratory problems and other long term health issues in cities. These outcomes are forcing city authorities to take action against people using polluting vehicles.
While you are riding an electric bike, it will produce no pollution, making them zero-emission vehicles. When more people use electric bikes instead of cars for their commute, air quality will be improved.
Electric Bikes Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Cars
Of course, the manufacture, disposal, and shipping of electric bikes still negatively impacts the environment. But due to their smaller size and simplicity, electric bikes are kinder to the planet than cars over time. Furthermore, if an electric bike is looked after properly, it will last for many years.
Electric Bike Batteries Have A Long Lifespan
An electric bike has a battery with a useable lifespan, just like a car. Electric bike batteries last 2 to 4 years, depending on how they are looked after and used. In the past, there were no other options but to send them to landfill at the end of their usable life. But now, various schemes make recycling batteries possible. Most electric bike batteries contain lithium-ion rather than lead, which is much better for the environment.
The Electricity Has To Come From Somewhere
You need to plug your electric bike battery into the power grid to charge it up. There is a small carbon cost for this, but many countries are increasing their usage of sustainable energy sources.
Wind, solar, wave and hydropower stations are starting to reduce the world’s need to use carbon-based fuels. These renewable and unlimited energy sources will become more accessible and affordable for everyone to use in the future.
Electric Bikes Are Better For The Roads
Cars, trucks and buses are heavy, and over time damage the roads. The damage needs to be repaired, often with new tarmac, which uses oil. The heavy machinery used to repair roads are high emission vehicles that add to the pollution as they work.
Electric bikes allow people to get to their destinations with minimum damage to the roads. They are much lighter, which means that they do not contribute significantly to potholes in the streets.
Electric Bikes Are More Eco-Friendly Than Public Transport
Commuting on an electric bike can be up to 6 times more efficient than taking the train. But, commuters enjoy the fact that they are not tied to public transport timetables. They can leave home and work whenever they need to, rather than catching a specific bus or train every day.
In addition to the freedom an electric bike gives you, they are much better for social distancing. Often buses and trains are overcrowded, making it impossible to keep your distance. This is not a problem with an electric bike, as it is your own personal vehicle.
Electric bikes also improve the lifestyle of people that live in busy areas that have to put up with lots of noise pollution. Electric bikes are much quieter than cars and buses, so as more people leave their cars at home in favour of electric bikes, the more pleasant urban areas will be.
Electric Bikes Are An Eco Way Of Having Fun
Many people choose to buy an electric bike based on their recreational time. Of course, you can buy electric bikes that are best suited to commuting, but you don’t have to limit yourself.
There are electric bikes that are suitable for every situation. For example, you can have an electric bike that will allow you to go off the beaten track and explore places with more rugged terrain than city streets. In addition, you can buy electric cargo bikes that can carry all sorts of things. Their motors have more power to enable you to carry heavier loads such as surfboards or fishing equipment. Some electric cargo bikes even allow you to carry passengers.
These versatile electric bikes give you the ability to leave the car at home while carrying everything you need for a fun day out. But, if your budget only stretches to one electric bike, you can still use it for getting to and from work.

Final Thoughts

With these environmental benefits, we can see why electric bikes have become more popular in recent years. The early adopters of this new way of commuting are not only doing their bit for the environment. They are also enjoying health benefits and a reduction in transport costs.