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  • Avaris 2.3 Electric Assist Hybrid Road Bike
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Avaris 2.3 Electric Assist Hybrid Road Bike in the UK 2021

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Avaris 2.3 E-Road is a sleek, versatile, lightweight, high-quality electric bike that’ll make you fall in love with cycling. It offers a smooth riding experience thanks to its electric assistance, and combined with innovative technology you can track your rides, navigate easily and monitor progress. With 9 levels of assistance available, the Avaris E Road lets you enjoy life at your own pace, from adrenaline-filled adventures to leisurely rides. With a re-charge time of 3-5 hours your ebike has the potential to run for 80 K, plus the removeable battery can be re-charged on the go, so you’ll be ready to explore again in no time.

  • Assistance : 9 Levels
  • Distance Range : 60-80 K
  • Recharge Time : 3-5 hours
  • Bluetooth App : Synced to Bike 


The Samsung battery is truly the brains behind this beautiful machine.

It offers 9 levels of assistance, which will transform your riding experience – particularly when riding on hilly terrain. Level 1 will make riding slightly easier than a normal bike, whilst level 9 will make your journey a breeze.

With a battery life which will allow you to ride for up to 60-80 K per charge and a charge time of 3 – 5 hours, you can easily and regularly enjoy long rides on your electric bike without worrying about running out of battery.

Full Display

Your display will keep you motivated, accountable and on track for every ride.

The display performs like a high-end cycling computer, which is also attached to the handlebar and so is always visible and can monitor the following functions: current speed, max speed, average speed, single trip distance, overall distance covered, battery life remaining.

Your innovative display acts as a built-in personal trainer, pushing you to be your best on every ride.

The 2.4” comfortable screen has a bracket which can be installed in two different directions, offering two different viewing angles of display, plus the display lights up in the dark.

High Spec Components

This Avaris E Road bike has high spec Shimano components built in, whilst offering a wide range range of gears for effortless shifting and high-performance.

If you want to enjoy a leisurely commute, a relaxed weekend ride, or you are new to cycling and are looking to build up slowly, this E bike is perfect for you.

At the same time, for a more challenging ride and for seasoned cyclists to enjoy more difficult terrains, higher gears will ensure you sink your teeth into the Avaris experience that you want.

The bike comes installed with deep rimmed  aerodynamic Kenda tyres that are built to handle even the roughest road surfaces.

Sync with our App

The display connects seamlessly to Bluetooth app Vinka, allowing you to track your rides, benchmark your performance and enjoy a range of stats as you cycle.

Vinka is an innovative app that when downloaded to your smartphone, will pair with your Avaris e-bike, which has the below features included:

  • Speed Meter
  • Distance Meter
  • Bike Health & Status – Including Battery Life Indicator
  • Speed & Distance Recorder
  • Route Data Recorder
  • Elevation & Altitude Recorder
  • Cadence (Pedalling Rate)
  • Trend Chart of Journey showing Speed, Cadence
  • GPS Tracking and Route Planning, to never get lost
  • Also, the ability to record and view all previous routes and rides to track progress

eride4life is highly committed to our customers, we always stand behind our products and ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to win the heart of each and every customer by exceeding their best riding experience.

 So, what are you waiting for? Simply click on the ' Add to Cart ' button to get our Avaris 2.3 Electric Assist Hybrid Road Bike , and enjoy your ride 4 life with our Ebikes.

Warranty & Guarantee:






This warranty does not apply in any case to damage or defects derived from negligent use of the bicycle, the mounting of other non-original accessories not supplied or mounted by the factory, or any inappropriate manipulation or maintenance operations by the user or by any third party on their behalf.

 Damage from causes other than defects in material. For instance, if damage is caused by crashing your bike, it won’t be covered under warranty.

Normal wear and tear. Components may show signs of wear and tear in less than two years depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions. Some components can be expected to reach the end of their normal lifespan within this time. Damage to products improperly installed or repaired.

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